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    Hi again :)
    I just did something I can’t explain how it happened:


    The header became a huge page with the text all at the front page… and I can’t go back, eventhough I tried creating a new page and doing it over.

    Could you please help me again? Thanks a lot! :D

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    No Problem.

    If you navigate to the Appearance->Customizer->Theme Options you can set a page for intro, and the intro format. It looks like you set a page and gave it the full format, which will bring in the text and featured image for that page.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hummm… I did have it as the full and now I changed for intro. But then… the text appears again, but this time without the image I set up for the header (but as the background as it was before). :(

    Why is that happening? I chose the header image on the page when I created it, and nothing weird happened before. :/

    Is there anything I can change/check on my CSS?

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    I have a new related question. I just erased all the text and then the image was featured normally again.

    But then if people click its name (a viagem como ela é) on the menu, no text shows up. I created a new page for it and then tried to remove the main page from the menu… but couldn’t.

    Would you help me with that?

    Thanks again!

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    AHHH just solved it! \o/

    *promise I will try better before creating a next topic, btw.

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