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    Please can you advise if it’s possible to load a .gif image in the header?

    The blog I need help with is onamusicbender.wordpress.com.



    Im still waiting on a response to this query.


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    SOrry, was trying to hunt that down.

    I think the header uploader only supports jpg and png. It would be the same file types for all themes with this feature.


    This is not good, as a stagnant header is not what I wanted. Is there anything or anyway of getting around this? Will purchasing the CSS upgrade help?


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    No, this is not a css issue. It’s a core WordPress issue, it just will not accept that file type.

    If you want a moving image, it sounds more like you need a slider, not a gif header.


    I’m so frustrated with this theme and all it’s limitations. The fact that it’s a premium theme and costs the same as other premium themes yet it does not have most of the same features.

    I don’t want a slider, because it is not a number of images that i want flashing but a logo design that is a gif file.

    Should I post this query in the general wordpress forum? Will that help?


    Also, it’s one thing to suggest the slider, however this theme does not accommodate sliders.


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    Yes, post the same question in the general forum.

    As I said before – the header image not being able to be a gif is not specific to this theme.


    Does this theme allow me to use plugins?


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    Plugins are not allowed on the wordpress.com platform – it does not matter what theme is used.

    You’d need to be self hosted for plugins.

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