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    The header image I have created is not showing up correctly – it is cutting off either end. I originally set this up as per in the pix instructions then have decreased the size numerous times and still no luck. It fits within the crop section – why is my header distorted?

    The blog I need help with is thenourishingway.wordpress.com.



    Hi Kirsty,

    It looks like you are using a portrait image instead of landscape, so it’s going to be hard to get this to display without it being distorted. You’ll want to make sure your image is at least 1800px in width before you upload it and you wouldn’t need to use the crop function. The image has to adjust in proportion based on the size of the display, so it’s hard to get it display exactly in a same way across screens. It’s best to try and use an image which won’t need to zoom in to fit the width/height ratio in place.



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