Header gone, colours changed!?

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    My header has gone and I can’t get it back, only text and that bird. Changes go unnoticed…

    Also my background colours have changed… not happy.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    I’m sorry for the trouble! Our team launched a change earlier today that caused problems for customizations you made to your site’s appearance. We fixed that problem, and most sites are now back to normal.

    If any of your site’s customizations are still missing, you can open your site’s Customizer and re-save those customizations now.

    If you have any more trouble with that, please let me know!

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    I had to manually put my header back in and sort the menus.

    However, I had a bright blue background. Back when I set it, changing the background colour was a free feature. Now as I just tried to change it back it seems the background colour is no longer a free option.

    I would like my old colour back as I set it ages ago.



    Looks like you’re using Custom Design in trial mode, so you will need to exit that preview before you can save changes to your site’s background color:

    1. Open your site’s Customizer.
    2. Open the section called “Colors & Backgrounds.”
    3. At the top of that section, look for the text “This feature is a part of the Premium Plan. Purchase to make it live or exit the preview.”
    4. Click on “exit the preview” to exit the Custom Design preview.
    5. Open the “Colors & Backgrounds” section again and set your custom background for your site.
    6. Click “Save & Publish” at the top of the Customizer.

    Let me know how it goes.


    I purchased Mina Olen on WordPress.Com. When I first looked at the theme, the background of pages was white and in the customizer, a beige “background color” showed up. As I only wanted a white background (which I assumed was the default) I pressed the “default” option. The background colour changed instantly to black on all pages. Disaster – impossible to read anything as text is dark grey. I now cannot change the background colours at all. Help!

    Theme Author

    Hi there – really sorry you’re having a problem with Mina Olen. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about the theme and so can’t help :( – this forum is for Mimbo Pro. If you could post this in the Mina Olen forum then someone who knows about the theme will hopefully be able to help you.



    Hi bulbul1140 – I wasn’t able to find a site on your account currently running Mina Olen, looks like you switched themes. If you’d like Mina Olen back, could you please post in the Mina Olen forum, as Binarymoon suggested, and we’ll troubleshoot from there? Thanks!

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