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    Is it possible to change the header font and the background color? I would prefer the background to be white and the font to be something cleaner.



    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Hi JF!

    The header font and background can only be changed with the Custom Design upgrade. I recommend taking a look at that package to see if it would work for you!

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    I did upgrade to Custom Design last night but am not having any luck. I was able to change post and body fonts but not header font. I looked at the “color” tab on custom design and this is the comment that came up:

    “Your current theme does not support Custom Colors yet. We are working to add support to most of our themes, including this one.”

    so I’m guessing at this point those aren’t options available yet?



    Theme Author

    Hi JF!

    Correct; because of Collections’ unique design, Custom Colors isn’t completely supported. If you’re looking to modify specific elements, you’ll want to make a CSS customization. Be sure to ask about this in the CSS Customization forum.

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