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    A lot of people visiting my website are clicking on the headed image of a page, but this image nor description is not linked. So they need to swipe down.

    How can I make an anchor on the headed image (or content) of a page so that when they click on the image, the page goes down automatically to e.g. the description section.

    Thanks for the answer.


    The blog I need help with is makepuchgreatagain.com.


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    Hi Thomas,

    For this, you need to have custom HTML in the Header Image/Slider. Like the following:

    <a href=#post-5">Custom Title Here</a>

    This will help the user to jump to here: https://makepuchgreatagain.com/#post-5

    Hope this helps.


    Hey, I don’t really know how I can add the custom HTML to the header image…

    Please advice :-)


    Theme Author

    Hi there,

    Pardon me. Please follow this.

    Add the HTML as Content to the Slider item, with these HTML.

    <h1><a href=#post-5">Custom Title Here</a></h1>

    Once you are done, please get back to me so I can provide codes to you hide the first title.


    Ok, so I have added the HTML in the titel of the header image as shown here: https://makepuchgreatagain.com/store/

    Let me know the proceeding :-)




    Theme Author

    Hi Thomas,

    I don’t see you added it there.

    It needs to be a content/excerpt of that respective slider/image and this can be only done on the homepage, not any other page titles as they don’t have the option to put the page excerpt.

    Would you mind to rethink and explain what do want, please?


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