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    Hi, I have three questions. If I need to split them up, please let me know.

    1) Is it possible to tweak the home page so that in the list view, the page shows (say) 8 posts, but if viewing in Grid view it shows (say) 21 posts? This makes it all line up nicely with side widgets, etc. if it’s possible. I have the CSS upgrade.

    2) When in Grid mode, how can I make the title show up all the time (not just while hovering), and how can I make the darkening effect (not sure what this is actually called…?) go away when hovering so the picture just looks normal? I guess I’d like it to do nothing when hovering.

    3) Last question, how do I tweak the welcome line so it doesn’t use only lower case text?

    Any help/input is much appreciated!
    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is:


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    Hi kcabeen,

    1. This won’t be possible as both of them are pulling the same number of posts. The theme is only styling them to show it differently.

    2. You can probably try this to overwrite the hover effect

    article .entry-content img { opacity: 1 !important; }
    article .entry-content a.thumb:hover img {
        opacity: 1!important;
    .entry-text {
        display: block!important;

    3. You can try this css

    #site-intro { text-transform: none; }

    Hope that gets you started.



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    Thanks so much, Chandra. I appreciate your help.

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