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    when i add a new paige in the primary menu, i do not like the grafic. as you can see in my photo, the 1st line of the menu overlaps the 2nd line. i’d like every line is clear and separate. if you look, see the difference between home e tag/scozia consigli di viaggio and the other page. i’d like all the other graphic, but not these one. I hope you can understand what i try to say. the 1st line of the menu overlaps the 2nd line of the menu. it’s bed graphic .. i don’t like it. is it possible have 2 (ore more ) primary menu line .. looking clear and separete? thanks

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    The menu is intended to go in one row, so I’d suggest doing some menu reorganization. But if you want to keep it like it is ( 2 rows ) you can use a bit of CSS code to make the adjustments.

    Add this CSS code, it will make the submenu go on top of that other menu item instead of behind it.

    #navigation .menu>li:hover { z-index: 99999; }

    Also, to make it so the second row menu items aren’t pushed to the right use this:

    #navigation .menu > li { margin-right: 20px; margin-left: 0; }

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