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    Hi guys.

    We have put Twitter and Facebook widgets in the sidebar of our Gigawatt theme. They show up fine on the pages with default templates, but when we click on a video on the home page (which is set to a Showcase template), it takes us to a page with the video in it’s wide viewing port, but the Facebook and Twitter widgets have now floated to the top left of the video and obstruct it.

    Is there any way we can ensure the widgets stay in the sidebar as we intend them to be, so that the videos are clear?


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    Alright guys. Any ideas?



    Hi there. This definitely feels like a bug. I’m working to sort this out for you and will update the thread as soon as a fix has been rolled out. Thanks a ton for your patience!


    Hi there. I’ve rolled out a fix for this. Can you confirm that it’s working for you? Thanks!


    I’m noticing one more issue with Likes on that page. Working on it now.


    Alrighty! You should be all set now.

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    Thank you so much, man!

    Brilliant. It works perfectly.

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