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    i’d like to put a gif on a static home page in this theme but it doesn’t loop. it has been created in GIFPaint and all of these gifs loop by default. I’m inserting the gif into a new page at the same size i uploaded it at. am i doing something wrong or does promenade not support this?
    thanks. maria.

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    The issue you are having with the GIF is part of how handles images. From what I understand, you will need to insert the full size GIF image. If the image is resized or sized down, the animation is lost. In some cases, you may need to preside each GIF to fit into the exact space you want it to display in.

    When inserting a GIF into a blog post or page, there is a setting to insert a size. Ensure you’re inserting the Full size image.

    If you have more questions with this, it might be best to post the question to the General Support Forum as it’s not theme specific.

    I did find a few other posts in the forums related to this issue, too.

    I hope that helps.

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