Get Header images at 1300 x 400 to display full size

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    We have uploaded a few designs for our header image on the vision theme and cannot get the 1300×400 pics to show full size as described in custom theme. Header images are exactly 1300×400 in size but only display roughly half of design and also are not full resolution quality. Please help us to remedy or provide some info on what our new theme is capable of. Thanks-

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    Hi – if you go to the theme customizer (admin > appearance > customize) then you can chose the height of the header image on the homepage, which will allow you to display the whole thing.


    I have the same problem. The trick is – on ipad it looks right. And If you change it in customize, you will have right on your computer, but on ipad it will be wrong.
    And my main problem is that if i look at my site on my computer that has width 1900 px, my image in the header becomes 1900 px instead 1300 px. So the picture stretches and it looks bad. Is it possible to keep the width 1300 px in any width of screens?

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    Hi – I’m afraid keeping the width the same on all computers is not possible. This is simply because the width of the screens is different on different machines. An ipad is narrower than a computer monitor and an iphone is narrower still.

    The theme does its best to scale the image but I’m afraid there’s no way to make it work everywhere :(

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