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    Hi. I think I’ve upgraded to Photography 2.0. Not sure how I would check?

    Anyhoo … When you look at the Portfolio section of my site you see a grid of different sections – all fine. But if I go to Edit this Page now I simply get this return and I don’t appear to be able to do anything?


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Hi there,

    First — your photos are just lovely!!

    As for your question, what you’re seeing is not incorrect — the page editor is supposed to be empty. :)

    In the Gallery Page Options box you should see the galleries you can add to your portfolio page. You’ll find more information about editing and organizing your Gallery pages right here (paying close attention to the section Creating a gallery page).

    I hope that helps! Let me know if anything else crops up!

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    Hi Melissa

    Firstly — thank you, kindly. : )

    Secondly … I must be being particularly dense. I simply can’t see how I would Edit an individual gallery on my Portfolio page?! Duh.

    I simply can’t see what I’m meant to be editing [existing galleries on the Profile page] and where? It feels completely blind!

    e.g. If, as I did yesterday, I go into my Home page/gallery I can see everything intuitively. And if I press the Edit pencil icon I then see this screen. And I can move things around, etc.

    I fear I’m missing something obvious! But I’m currently missing the wood for the trees, fer sure.


    No, no, no! Not dense. :)

    In that first screencap you shared in your original post. Toward the bottom of the screen you see the box that says Gallery Page Options?

    Are you able to see your available gallery posts (to add/move/organize) there?

    Original poster

    Oh, for the love of sponge! : D

    Scroll down. Now there’s a novel idea. Ahem.

    I’ll go with … at the very least … a bit dense! { Slaps forehead }

    It was like I had blinkers on and couldn’t see outside what I perceive to be the Edit ‘box’, much less scroll down, too.

    Apologies, Melissa. Thanks for your patience. If you’re every feeling a bit down, maybe just think of me/this, and hopefully it’ll always bring a smile to your face.

    Right. I’m going to go and stand in the corner for a while over there … { Somewhat pointlessly points }


    No worries at all! I’m always happy to help. :)

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