Gallery and Video Duplicates in Post

  • Hi, another issue I’m facing is that for Video and Gallery posts, the media shows up in twice in the post, once in the “featured image” position and then again in the blog post wherever I’ve inserted the media. More specifically:

    1) Video posts — I initially just inserted a video into my post. However, the result was that two instances of the video were showing up in the published post, one in the featured image area and another in the body of the post wherever I inserted the video. Through lots of trial and error, I found a workaround by embedding the video link into the post. This works, but it’s pretty sketchy since I have to first find the right link to embed (it doesn’t embed automatically like it does for YouTube videos). There has to be a better/easier way to do this? What am I missing?

    2) Gallery posts — I just tried a gallery post and the same duplication issue is happening with this. However, this time, I have no workaround. I have no idea how I would “embed” a link to a gallery — not that I want to do that. Ideally, I would just insert the gallery as I would normally and the Theme would know to put it in the featured image area and not duplicate it again the body of the blog post. Can you help please? (On a separate note, at least Lightbox is working with Gallery posts! I’m still trying to get it to work for Video posts, and I’ve posted another thread in this forum for that issue.)


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Ok, so I’ve found the solution for part of the issue, namely the Gallery duplication:
    On the Lenscap support page, it states that for Gallery posts you have to insert the gallery at the very top. Fair enough…! ;) Solves the duplication issue. Everything else appears to be working correctly for Gallery posts – cheers to that!

    Videos are still not working quite right. If I insert the link at the very top of the blog post, the text of the link shows up in the index page as part of the excerpt. I tried embedding it with iframe, which results in two instances (i.e., duplication) of the video in the post. The “solution” appears to be to NOT insert the link at the very top but instead enter some text first and then insert the video link. This works but is a bit annoying that I can’t just insert the link (i.e., embed the video) right at the start.

    (Additionally, the Lightbox feature is still not working for Video posts.)


  • Hi Khalid,

    Does the video issue happen with all video embeds such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc? Or just specific video embeds?

  • Hey mmcalister,
    There are no problems with YouTube or Vimeo embeds. In fact, I’ve resolved the issue with the text of the link showing up in the excerpt on the index page by filling in the excerpt box for the post (i.e., the excerpt box text shows up instead of the first part of the post, and since the link is in the body of the post, it doesn’t show up).

    I still have a duplication issue with Videopress videos, i.e., videos that I upload into WordPress directly. The video ends up getting duplicated.


  • Hi Khalid,

    Sorry for the delayed response. For those posts using Videopress, I would just post those as standard posts for now. We’ll have to work out a fix for how to detect Videopress in the content.

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