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    I am setting up a new portfolio using the Avid Gallery feature and everything’s working perfectly so far except for one thing: When clicking on the “All Categories” button to select a category filter, the Galleries no longer appear. The single Images show fine, but the Galleries page reads:

    “This page displays all of your gallery posts. You don’t appear to have any galleries yet — create a gallery post, set a featured image for the post, and refresh this page to see your gallery. “

    I have confirmed that I have created gallery posts with featured images using the Avid guide, and have refreshed the page multiple times. I have tried adding the [gallery] tag manually to the posts, removing the manual [gallery] tags from the posts, setting featured images and not setting featured images. I’ve created several new galleries, none showing up. I’ve also recreated my gallery posts as portfolio posts, but then the “All Categories” button didn’t show at all. I don’t know what else to attempt.

    You can view my Gallery page here:

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hey there, Noelle 👋

    Sorry to hear this! Would you mind double-checking that you’ve added each Gallery post to a category?

    Also, what happens if you create a brand new Gallery post with a brand new category? Does it still not show up?




    Yes, each Gallery post is added to a category. The images in the galleries appear fine when a category is selected, only the galleries don’t show up. Screenshot:

    I have created several new Gallery posts and several new Categories with no success. I created a brand new Gallery post with a brand new category again, but it’s still behaving in the same fashion.

    The Gallery posts appear on the “View Galleries” page when “All Categories is selected:

    But when a category is selected, no Gallery posts appear on the “View Galleries” page:

    However, when on the “View as Images” page, all images show regardless if a category is selected or not:

    Please let me know if you need more information.


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    Thanks for sharing this, Noelle!

    Out of interest, when did this start happening? Do you recall something changing recently?

    I just triple-checked our own demo and I can add a brand new Gallery post with a brand new category and everything is working just fine. So, I’m really curious to see what specifically with your setup might be causing this problem.



    I’m not sure exactly when this started happening.

    I was previously using the Gallery Format to display my photography work and everything worked perfectly. It may have been about a month or two ago when I decided to start using the Gallery Format to display my artwork instead. At that time, I changed all my Photography posts to Standard Posts instead of Gallery posts and removed the Gallery Format link from my Menu. I didn’t get around to resetting up the Gallery Format page until now, though, and now is when I’ve seen this issue.

    I recently reset all my photography posts to Gallery posts to test if the issue would still happen with them, and it does. I have also noticed that the Gallery Format page is still working perfectly on the Avid Demo Site.

    I just don’t know why it’s not working on my website any more.


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    Hey Noelle! I was just clicking through your Gallery again and noticed the categories drop-down is now working! Would you mind taking a look and seeing if it’s working on your end?

    Honestly, I have no idea what would have caused this hiccup (I’ll chat with our developers about it) but hopefully it’s all sorted now 😀



    You’re right; it does appear to be working now! Odd, I haven’t changed anything and it wasn’t working when I checked last night.

    It was down for quite a while, (even days before I came to the Forums,) so I don’t know what the issue was.


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    Yep! That’s super-weird, Noelle.

    Anyhow, I’m so glad to hear it’s sorted now! And if the problem pops up again, at least we know to contact WordPress directly about it.

    Have a wonderful weekend 😀

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