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    Hi, I’m getting full-width images with a scrollbar. Tried changing image size but it stretches lower-sized images to the full width. Happens in Chrome and Firefox (tested).

    The blog I need help with is enouc.wordpress.com.


    Additional Note: The use of widgets creates the scrollbar.


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    Hi unleavenedsaint,

    I’m not seeing the issue anywhere. Is there a post link I could look at? And could you give me the exact steps took which caused the scroll to appear?


    – Sonia


    The link is the main website at https://enouc.wordpress.com/.

    I am using windows xp, and have tested on Chrome and Firefox. Results are the same on http://browsershots.org/. (full width image stretches 300px image to full size, text is below).

    My screen size is 1280 x 1024, but rescaling the browser window does not make alterations. But the stretching of images to larger than their pixel dimension suggests a real problem.


    Note: The problem is current and persistent, since installation. Removal of all widgets will remove the scrollbar (it appears, with one or two exceptions).


    Further Notes:

    Browsershots is independent of my personal platform / setup (The problem was shown on a large number of browsers / OS).

    This suggests incompatibility of an option (but I don’t know which one).

    Removing widgets “fixes” scrollbar, but does not fix image width.

    If you need a screenshot or any further information please let me know.

    Thanks for your help


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    Hi again,

    A screenshot would be super helpful. You can either upload it to your media library (jpg or png) and then share the url here or you can upload it to an image sharing site like Imgur.

    And below is a link to some help on making screenshots:

    Thanks so much!




    A full length screenshot:


    I won’t share a Browsershots.org screen dump (it might not be your tool), but it did show the same problem appearing across a number of browsers. This is OS independent, working by remote proxy servers.



    This post is getting long. But I have more information.

    The Atlas demo page (atlasdemo.wordpress.com) has the same problem (scrollbar and full width image)

    I am assuming the full-width image is not part of the design, since it is not present here.

    The Atlas demo page was viewed on two independent systems, one of which is an xbox one. But the Browsershots proxy results are viewable here.


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    Hi unleavenedsaint,

    Thanks for the screenshots. Those did help.

    For the scrollbar question, it looks like this is the default in your OS. Can you tell me if you see the same thing in the Twenty Fifteen demo?

    As for the full width image, this is part of the design based on screen resolution. For screens with a smaller resolution, the design will change the way you see it in the screenshot you sent. The demo image is for wider screens which covers most users.

    Hope that helps!



    There are no scrollbars on the twenty fifteen demo. Besides, the scrollbars were viewed across multiple systems.

    The image does show side-float on 1600px displays, but not on all operating systems at that resolution (tested on Browsershots).

    Don’t you agree, also, that the two column layout shows a weird single line of text (e.g. the post “Ariadne”)? The single line is bad, but add to this that it doesn’t align properly with the READ MORE, and I am not happy with the layout.

    Can I ask for a refund, on the basis of the advertised screenshots? I really did like the advertised site, but mine doesn’t look similar, and I don’t expect all users to have 1600px screens. Furthermore, size-degradation does not work well.


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    Hi unleavenedsaint,

    If the theme isn’t working out for you, you can most certainly ask for a refund if you’re within 30 days from the purchased date.

    Let me bring someone from wordpress.com in on the conversation to help.




    Hi unleavenedsaint – you are welcome to issue yourself a refund in your dashboard within 30 days after purchase:

    If you have any trouble at all, just let me know and I’d be glad to issue the refund for you.


    Thanks, I’ve cancelled this theme and chosen another theme which I’m happy with.

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