Front Page color issue

  • Hi,

    I want to change some of the coloring on my front page, specifically below the header in the section that contains the post preview and recent stories.

    I know how to change the principle color via the customize options, however if i choose something darker then the differentiation boxes disappear in the menu items and the recent story and post review all blend together without differentiation.

    If there a way to manage the shading/coloring individually so that I can till keep the separation even though I’m going to a darker color?

    Maybe adjust the colors individually for the different sections as they seem to be controlled by only one color module in the customize section?


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • to add: notice how under the header there are two shades of blue, if I adjust the color to darker under the customize module the two shades of blue merge to become one and hence the separation is lost..

  • Hi – there’s no additional controls for the custom colours. What I would suggest is that you get as close as you can using the custom colours – and then explain what you want to change. Assuming it’s just some contrast issues then I should be able to give you some tweaks that can be added to the custom css that will make it look as you want.

  • Ok I ‘ll give a whirl this weekend and will post here. One thing I noticed is if I adjust that color section the css code we added to set the background to a different color gets overwritten and the original background color shows up again. Now I haven’t ever saved any color change as I was just experimenting, but I also want to make sure the background color change with CSS is still functional after I hit save.


  • I’m not sure – it’s certainly possible that the custom colours could override the changes to the custom css. If that happens then I am sure I can give you some ‘stronger’ rules that will make the colour you chose previously come back :)

  • ok finally had a chance to look at it. Here’s in essence what I’m trying to do:

    Notice how the color is much darker and the text in the recent stories is white highlighted against the darker background?

    I may or may not choose the same color, but the concept it what I’m after. Darker while still keeping separation with text and boxes..


  • the darker colors are just punchier and help contrast things better. Thx

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