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  • Hi,

    The 4 most recent blog posts aren’t displaying as intended by the Arcade theme (i.e. most recent post largest image, 3 next recent posts to the right).

    Homepage setting set as static. It stopped displaying as per the theme a week ago – no other settings changed.

    Appreciate any advice!

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • I’ve had exactly the same thing happen to me! About a week ago, a number of formatting issues seemed to crop up on my site, which uses this theme, including:

    1. Removal of the Post Block (and addition of a sidebar) on the front page

    2. Misalignment of text and icons on the “Home Page Top Area”

    3. Narrowing of the margins on every page and post so that the text and/or sidebar is right at the very edge of the screen

    4. Rearrangement of the heading and feature images on the Posts page so that headings sit below feature images rather than beside

    It seemed to happen overnight and not because of anything I did, so I assume there is some kind of glitch in the theme itself?

    The site I need help with is

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