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    Hi, I picked the Purpose theme by accident since my old theme was discontinued and I had no way of reverting after I ‘tried on’ another theme. But I’m beginning to like the clean lies of this theme.

    Could you please help with the following items?

    1. I need to remove the ‘Like’ button at the end of the featured page on the Home Page. Have tried switching back to the classic editor to turn it on and off to no avail!

    2. How do I centre align the ‘Search’ widget button I’ve inserted into the same page?

    3. Is there some way of listing posts in a masonry grid layout on the archive and blog pages? I need my category pages linked from the Themed Stories (‘Dream’ link on the menu) to open in a grid.

    4. How do I make the individual post title fonts smaller but the titles of Featured News grid on front page slightly larger? They seem to be linked.

    5. Also the size of the NEWS tag (In my case ‘Latest Posts’) title.

    5. How can I turn off page titles but keep single post titles? I tried the code from this forum, but it seems to turn off all titles.

    Many thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is:


    Theme Author

    Hi there, I’ll be glad to help.

    1. This isn’t a theme function, it is more likely a Jetpack Setting. You can either try accessing your Jetpack Settings in your dashboard, then locate the Settings > Sharing tab, and toggle OFF the “Add sharing buttons to your posts and pages” button.

    Otherwise, please reach out to general support for further assistance with this issue.

    2. Please tell me where on your site I can fine the search widget button in question.

    3. One way to achieve this is by using the Portfolio page template on your Dream page. This will require you to create and publish a collection of posts with featured images and a single category applied. You can then set the portfolio post category within the customizer.

    Another way by using the Organic Builder Widgets plugin, or Builder Widgets Pro plugin, then using the Portfolio Widget. You can see an example of this widget on the following page:

    4. You can add the following CSS (within the Additional CSS section in your customizer) to adjust the featured post titles on the homepage, adjusting the number as needed:

    .home .featured-posts .title {
      font-size: 0.8em;

    For post titles within posts, try this:

    .headline.img-headline {
      font-size: 5em;

    5. On Blog page, you can change page title font size using:

    #page-42661 .wpnbha .entry-title a {
      font-size: 25px;

    6. I don’t currently see any page titles displayed within your pages, so I’m assuming you’ve already resolved this one. However, let me know if you need help with this.

    Thanks in advance for clarifying, and I hope this helps..



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    Thank you Emily.

    The best solution to #3 is apparently the new ‘Blog Posts Block’ (In case others enquiring on this forum need to know). Have created a blog page and category pages using this.

    The code for featured post title worked perfectly. Is there a way to restrict the excerpt (on the front page) to three lines so they all appear similar?

    Have re-inserted the ‘Search’ widget on my sidebar and on the homepage (via a featured page). I am able to hide the ‘submit button’ with CSS but because it is just hidden the alignment is still off.

    Would it be possible to change the text on the search submit button to ‘Go’? Then it would look more balanced and I can hopefully align it better.

    I’m facing a few more issues:

    The image captions on the front page (featured page 1) are misaligned. They only appear slightly better on the original page itself. Not sure how to set that right. I need them to resemble post excerpts as much as possible.

    I need to have my Instagram displayed horizontally on the footer. But dividing it into three (33.33%) with CSS makes it non responsive on mobiles and all squished up. Is there a way around it?

    How do I increase size and change colour of footer widget titles? Can they also be centre aligned?

    How do I change the background colour of the featured slider?

    I need to remove or change the colour of the grey ‘frame’ around each image and caption.

    Wondering why the author name and category is missing from my posts?

    Thanks again,



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    Hi Emily,

    I’ve managed to resolve a few of the issues.

    I’m afraid I still need help with:

    1. Centre aligning the Search widget on the Front Page and Footer.

    2. Background colour of Featured Slider – change

    3. Grey frame around images – change?

    4. Display categories on posts.

    5. Getting the menu links I’ve inserted in the footer to stack up on mobile view. I tried the link block but the code vanishes when I insert it into the widget for some reason.

    Many thanks,


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