formatting for mobile device is a mess, please help!

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    Hi, we need some guidance in getting the mobile formatting to work. We have enabled mobile but there are many problems. The site title looks bad. The logo is missing. The post previews go too wide. The menus are messed up too. We need some guidance, thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Debut is a responsive theme by default and there isn’t an option to enable it. The option you’re enabling is the mobile theme, which was intended to be used for themes without a responsive design if desired. If you disable the mobile theme, things will look more like the demo.


    Hi Luke. Thanks for your response. I did as you suggested and disabled the mobile theme. There is no real improvement. If you look at our header the background and company logo is cut off. The menus are all muddled and all the images do not resize to be viewed. Any further help would be much appreciated. Thanks


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    It looks like there was some custom CSS add to the theme. Have you tried disabling/removing the custom CSS to see how things look as far as layout goes?

    Things get a little tricky when adding custom CSS because there are various mobile and smaller screen sizes that need to be accounted for.


    Okay. I think you might be right. I’ll give that a go and hope for the best.


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    Let me know how it goes. You can check out the theme demo on your mobile devices to give you an idea of how it would look.

    One thing to keep in mind is that custom background images don’t resize on on smaller devices, at least not without some customizations. I notice you were using a background image that worked nicely with your logo on desktop, however, it’ll likely look a bit different as the screen size reduces.


    I re-loaded your original theme CSS and it worked like a charm. I think we can live just fine with the theme this way. Thanks so much for your quick help getting our problem resolved.


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    You’re welcome!

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