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    Kindly let me know how/why the formatting for the text in the most recent post has changed from the rest of the posts. I don’t recall changing anything, and I’ve no clue how to change it back. Here’s the post in question:


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Theme Author

    Hi @pshastry,

    I just checked your blog and I couldn’t really see the difference between the first recent post and the following. Could you let me know in a little bit more detail, what you mean. I’m sure, we can find a solution for it.

    I also noticed that you could maybe add one more empty line between including your images and the text below in your post text editor. This way there would be a little mit more space between your images and the first text paragraph.

    Best, Ellen

    Original poster

    Hi Ellen,

    Thanks for getting back to me. You’ll notice that the text for the last 4 posts are not italicized, whilst the previous ones are, and the font size and highlight color (hyperlinks) are not uniform. I’m not sure how one changes or undoes the font format. Any changes I make are not applied to the posts prior to the last 4.

    I also have a few other questions:

    1. I’m confused about the color palette. I can’t change the ‘more info’ page background color to white without it affecting something else. How does the color palette work? I just want to be able to pick a background color, a text color, a hyperlink color, and make it uniform across the blog. Please advise.

    2. How do I add a Pinterest grid to the ‘more info’ page? I don’t see any Pinterest widgets. And how do I change the text formatting for the headers on the ‘more info’ page? Right now the formatting breaks up the email address in the blurb about me.

    3. I have a custom design subscription, yet when I go to the CSS page, I don’t see the CSS stylesheet. I only see some instructions for changing it. I’m used to being able to see the sheet and customizing it.

    Thanks for your help; love the theme, but can’t seem to get the blog looking the way I want it.

    Appreciate any advice you can offer.


    Theme Author

    Hi Promila,

    I’m so sorry about my late reply. I checked the formatting of your post content again and somehow it seems that your older posts are all wrapped in a “blockquote” tag. This is way they are formatted differently then the new posts. Actually the blockquote is only used for quotes, so the standard p tag is the correct tag for your standard posts.

    Regarding your other questions:

    3. Since the color palette is not generated by the theme code directly, could you please ask any question regarding the Custom CSS/Design upgrade here in this forum:
    This way the Custom Design staff can answer you directly.

    2. There is no Pinterest widget available at at the moment, but I think it would be a great feature, too. Maybe it will be added in the future. Right now you could only link to your Pinterest account using the “Social Links (Kiore Moana)” icon widget.

    3. You can only change the default theme CSS on a self-hosted WordPress site. Nevertheless you can add additional CSS or overwrite the default theme CSS (with !important) quite easily. You could check or copy/paste the default CSS of the theme in your browser (by clicking Control + U and find the link to the CSS stylesheet inside the “head tag”.

    I hope my answer is helpful.
    Best, Ellen

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