• * want to change the font of some of the titles from white to black on the front page – just on a couple so that it stands out more (Lismore, regent St)
    * once on the full sixed painting, is there a way to click to zoom in for more detail on the painting
    * option to click anywhere on the post to go into it, not just on the painting title or the “read more”
    * is there a way to easily scroll from one post to the next with arrows on the paintings (like on Facebook) rather than having to scroll to the bottom of page to get to the next post

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hi Rob – sorry for the slow reply. For some reason I didn’t get any alerts about your post :(

    Font colour on blog posts – unfortunately there’s no way to change the font colour on the blog posts. I understand the need though so will see if I can think of a way to do it.

    Click to Zoom Unfortunately not. You could always add a link to view the full size image in the post content instead?

    Click anywhere on post to enter this makes sense. I’ll see what I can do

    Post Navigation higher up This also makes sense. I’ll see what I can do for this too :))

  • Hi Rob

    I have submitted some tweaks for Bexley which should show up soon. These tweaks will add the ability to click anywhere on a post, and having post navigation higher up the page.

    Changing the font colour is a more complex change but I am still thinking about how it could be implemented.

    Thanks for the ideas.

  • Thank you – those changes have come through and make a big difference!

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