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    Can the columns and/or footer widget areas be widened? I’m using a text widget in the left-most footer area for my copyright line, but the area is too narrow, so the text wraps. imilar problem with my right column – if I put the “Woo – Tabs” widget in the right column, it’s too narrow for all 4 of the tabs; the 4th one wraps. Looks like this is happening in the WP theme example at, too.


    Hi cmaso.

    Thanks for your query. :)

    Yes, it is possible to widen the columns individually.

    You’d need the “Custom Design” upgrade and the following CSS, for example:

    body #footer-widgets .footer-widget-1 { width: 250px; }

    This widens the first footer column. When widening or shrinking one column, you’d need to adjust each of the others accordingly. They all follow the naming convention of “.footer-widget-X”. In the above example, I added 30px to the first column. Therefore, to keep the other columns even, I’d remove 10px from each, setting the widths of each at 210px. :)

    It is also possible to determine how many footer widget columns you’d like to display, using the “Footer Customisation” tab under “Theme Options”. :)

    Thanks and regards,

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