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    Hi there,

    Sorry- I am new to this and have a lot of questions!

    With the extended footer- I have placed an instagram and facebook plugin on there. On my mobile when I view it, it all loads in place and then the Facebook plugin moves to the right and is half cut off. How can I make it stay where it is supposed to be?

    Also- there is default text colour of black there (and also around the site) is it possible for me to change this to white??

    Thank you so much

    The blog I need help with is



    I see this code which is causing the Facebook box to stay locked in that spot.

    .fb_iframe_widget iframe {
       position: absolute;

    Add this to your CSS to change that.

    .fb_iframe_widget iframe {
       position: relative !important;

    That should fix it.

    As for the text color, if you can’t change it in the Customizer, you can use CSS.

    body {
        color: #282828;

    You may have to also use the !important declaration and remove any text color you’ve set on specific elements.

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