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    Hi there,
    I would like to add some code to my custom css to adjust the font sizes without editing the original stylesheet. Please check the page, I would like to reduce the font size for this page, and for all the pages with text, so I would like to have some css to adjust the size of the font for A)- titles B)- contents C)- captions D)- menus.
    Could you help me with that?

    The blog I need help with is:



    Hey again,

    Are you looking to adjust the font size for specific pages? Or for the entire site?

    If it is only for specific pages, could you let me know which ones exactly? Thanks!


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    I would like to change the fonts for the entire site, I mean, I would like to set one size for the titles (all the titles in any page), one size for the contents (all the titles in any page), one size for the images’ captions (all the captions in any page), etc.



    Well, to finely-tune your CSS you’re going to need to dig in and make use of Chrome/Safari’s web inspector. Here is a tutorial that can help you get started with your own CSS changes. And here is a tutorial on beginning CSS.

    We don’t support the level of customization (I think) you’re talking about, but to start you off you can change the font size site-wide with this CSS:

    /* Increase font size */
    body {
      font-size: 110%;

    I hope that helps!


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    Thanks for the info!!!., you can close the topic if you want.



    Cool, glad to help!

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