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    Hi there,
    I just bought the “Paulie” Theme and I am quite disappointed with the font size. “Normal” is a bit too small and “big” a bit too big. Is there a chance that one in between can be added? :)
    Thank you very much!

    The blog I need help with is:


    Theme Author

    Hi Carolie,
    thanks your writing and using Paulie.

    Unfortunately custom fonts and sizes is a feature module ( and we don’t have access from it settings from the theme :(

    Anyway, if you have access to add custom CSS, you can set your own exact font size. Normal font size is set to 15px and Big to 19.5px. So for example if you want something between, add this:

    .wf-active .entry-content, .wf-active .entry-content ol, .wf-active .entry-content p, .wf-active .entry-content ul, .wf-active .entry-summary, .wf-active .entry-summary ol, .wf-active .entry-summary p, .wf-active .entry-summary ul {
        font-size: 17px !important;

    If you need more, change to 18px, or less to 16px…

    Here you are how to add and more info about CSS:

    Hope this helps.
    Thank you again!
    Ricardo P. from Silo Creativo

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