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    I have 2 questions.

    1. I changed my font to Proxima Nova, but a lot of times it still shows up as the old font and I have to refresh a ton of times before its back to Proxima. I emptied my cache to see if that would help, but it didn’t. Is there anything I can do to permanently get rid of the default font?

    2. I wanted to make a custom cursor and I put in this code : body{cursor:url(, auto; }
    It works in the preview and then I hit save and then if I refresh the page it’s gone again. Do you know how to make it stay?

    Thanks so much!!!!

    The blog I need help with is




    I’m happy to help!
    Did you purchase the Custom Design Upgrade?
    This will help to determine who is best to answer your question.

    I will ask my dev team regarding the custom cursor.



    Hi Angela!

    Thanks for responding so quickly! Yes I purchased the Custom Design Upgrade.





    Hi Sara,

    I checked in with my dev team, here’s their thoughts:
    1.) I would recommend to monitor your font issue, and if it occurs again and again (not just one day) then we can reach out to the great WordPress team.

    2.) A custom cursor is outside the scope of what we support. However, I took a look at the general forums and found this for you: Hope this is helpful!

    Don’t hesitate if you have any other questions!


    Hi Angela,

    I thought I responded to this earlier – but I guess I didn’t! sorry!

    The font thing is still happening. Next time I’ll take a screen shot if that would help. It’s very random though, sometimes if you click a post, the title of that post will be in the default font, and sometimes it just shows up on the whole page, I can’t figure out a pattern to it.

    Thank you for the cursor info also!

    I do have one more question, I was able to change the hover color for links but I don’t know how to change the actual color – right now they just show up gray, and I would like them to pop more.

    Thanks so much Angela!



    I found this code in a different forum, but if I add it the color of the post title changes also

    a:link, a:visited {
    color: #f00;


    nvmd about the link thing I got it! sorry for all the messages!

    for anyone else that needs it, it’s just

    a {
    color: gray;

    replace gray with your color



    Hi Sara,

    Sounds like you got everything figured out :) When the font thing shows up again, take a screenshot and we can take a look.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


    Hi Angela,

    I got a screen shot of the font thing I was telling you about .

    I don’t know if you can see that,but let me know!

    It’s strange that it keeps happening, if it can’t be fixed it’s fine, I just think it looks a little unprofessional that the font keeps changing back and forth.

    Thanks so much for your help!



    Hi Angela,

    I have several more screen shots now showing the problem with the text, would you like me to upload them for you?





    Hi Sara,

    I’m filling in for Angela this week as she is out on vacation. If you would like to post the screenshots that would certainly help with our understanding (definitely won’t hurt).

    Post what you have and I will tag this thread for the folks to take a peek at and see if they have any insight. I’m guessing that the issue is most likely related to the Typekit font package (in this case Proxima Nova) not loading correctly, so then the site relies on the fallback default.

    Anyway, we will get it sorted out soon ;)



    Hi Caleb,

    Here are some of the screenshots. I really appreciate your help with this problem, because I really don’t like that original font and I would like for my blog to look well maintained and more professional, I don’t want the font to be switching back and forth all the time.

    Thanks again!




    Thanks for the screenshots – we are looking into this.


    Hi Sara, I’m looking into the issue you mentioned with the fonts. What I suspect is that it might be a problem somewhere between your computer and the servers that provide the fonts. I tried testing myself a number of times from several different browsers, and I was always able to see the Proxima Nova font load as expected. This makes it very difficult to track down the problem, but it also tells me that it’s possible that only a small number of people might be affected and so your viewers might not be seeing the wrong fonts at all. May I ask if you’ve received any notes from any of your users mentioning that they see the script font instead of the sans-serif Proxima Nova font or is there anyone you can check in with who uses a different network compared to you that you can contact and ask them to check to see if they can see the same problem?

    I’m wondering if the issue is limited to certain times or places. The reason I think this is that I’ve seen the problem reported a couple of times before, but I have never been able to track down very many helpful details and I’ve rarely seen the problem happen myself when I test. We use a service called Typekit to serve web fonts. The best way to track down the source of the problem you described is for me to try to see the problem myself. So far though, I can always see the Proxima Nova font loading as expected when I check !

    The screenshots are a good start. Thank you for taking the time to post them. Here is a screenshot from one of my tests, this one was using Firefox 31.0, and I have the Network panel open in Firefox’s built in browser tools to I can try to see if there are any response codes for domains other than 200 or 304:

    In my screenshot, you can see that Proxima Nova loads normally for me with a 304 response. I tried reloading the page a number of times, and the custom font always loaded normally for me.

    I’d like to try to collect the best data I can and maybe try to spot any trends from anyone who reports this issue. I wonder if it only happens in a specific area or when using a specific internet provider. Can you tell me your general location in the world and the name of your internet service provider (ISP) so I can keep track of that information?

    Past that, I think I will need to ask for more help from our developers or possibly from Typekit to try to figure out what in the world might be causing the problem for you when I can’t see it. I think it might be a network issue. Bugs like this are super hard to track down, so any details we collect are things I can keep track of that will hopefully lead us to something more useful to go on when reporting the problem back to our developers.



    Thank you for taking the time to looking into this so thoroughly! I really appreciate it.

    I’m located in Westchester, NY. My internet provider is Optimum.

    I’m glad that when you checked you never saw the original font. Sometimes the site loads fine for me as well, but a lot of the time it’s still the old font – I tried it on firefox and chrome as well, and it does the same thing – so hopefully it is what you said about it only being in a specific area. I will ask some friends to test it out and see what they say.

    Thanks for your help and let me know if you need any more info!


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