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    I can no longer edit my font style and size or the paragraph spacing. My posts look nice when I edit them, but in preview and when published the font and paragraph qualities are altered… no idea what’s going on and there doesn’t seem to be a way to fix this within the bloggy theme… help?? thanks~ Katie

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Hi Katie, on your latest post, I’m seeing a the following span tag with a style declaration on each paragraph.
    <span style="font-family:'Comic Sans MS', sans-serif;">
    Is this the style you are wanting?

    In general, if you are adding span tags to change a font family it should not get stripped out unless there is a syntax error in the style declaration.

    On your My Birth Story… post, I’m not seeing any paragraphs. Somehow the editor got into “div” mode. Open that post in the editor, select all the text in that post and then from the Style pulldown on the left of the lower tool bar, select “paragraph” and all should be good with that post then. You may have to remove some blank paragraphs between the paragraphs since the empty divs now between the paragraphs will be converted to paragraphs.

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