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    Hello again,

    It is me, Jacwyn, if you remember?

    Nice to see you again, if you do. I spoke again recently with someone from the WordPress support staff about this flashing of unstyled text issue with the top menu of my site…

    The staff member recommended I reach out to the theme developer to create a child theme of Verity, where the default font of the theme is changed to the font-family that I wish to use on my site in order to fix the flashing of unstyled text when navigating between menu pages.

    If it is indeed possible to do this, even for a fee, I would be willing to do it, so my site can fix this issue for any visitors.

    Thanks for your time, as always.

    The blog I need help with is


    Theme Author

    Hello @jacwyndawson,

    Thanks, and yes, I will definitely help you add your font EB Garamond in the child theme. Please download this theme and upload it.

    Thanks for using Verity theme and please recommend us with your friends.



    Hi Sakin,

    Unfortunately, the child theme didn’t fix the issue, I’m sad to report. Thanks for all your help, though.

    I’m be happy to recommend your theme to others! I, at least, hope that they wouldn’t run into the same problem I have, but other than that, your theme is amazing.

    Is there anything else I can try doing, like reaching out to other developers that might know how to fix this issue, or is this all that I can do?

    Thanks again for your help and patience, Sakin!

    Have a nice day.


    Theme Author

    Can you try this new child theme, where I have removed the default theme font and just added EB Garamond font only.

    Also, you need to remove the font change that you have done from Theme Customizer.


    Hi Sakin!

    Thanks for responding so quickly to me.

    I needed to change the theme back to the parent theme (Verity) for me to be able to contact you again, here, in this forum.

    I tried the child theme again and removed the font change from the customizer like you said. It fixed the flashing text! Yay, it finally worked the second time!

    There are just a few problems in the new, child theme…

    Unfortunately the EB Garamond, default font is not applying to headers, only to the body sections.

    Secondly, the colors changed in the child theme, and I can’t change it back to the green/dark gray color scheme I had in the parent theme.

    Third, is it possible for me to remove all the new text at the bottom footer and just replace it with your hammer logo, hyperlinked to

    Thank you again for all your help.


    Theme Author

    Hi @jacwyndawson,

    Please use these updated versions and it should work like you said with Font Fixed in Header as well, Color Green Scheme, Footer Logo, and link.

    But remember the remove all the font changes, colors in the WordPress customizer as this child theme has all the edits.



    Hi Sakin!

    I had to switch back to the parent theme again to contact you here, in this forum.

    The updated version of the Verity child theme you sent fixed the main header, the color scheme and the Catch Themes logo at the bottom. Thank you so much for fixing those! I like being able to send visitors I have to you and refer anyone that would ask about the site’s theme to Catch Themes.

    Unfortunately, the default, EB Garamond font isn’t applying to the headers of posts, the footer widget (“Detailed Info”) at the bottom and its contents.

    I also noticed that you made the hammer part of your logo match the dark gray color of the footer. Would it be possible to also make the blue color of the logo to green, so that it matches the rest of the green/dark gray color scheme of the site?

    Thank you, as always, for your generosity and time,


    Theme Author

    Hi J.D,

    I check in your system and it’s working fine. The EB Garamond font is applying to the header of the posts, as well as Footer Widgets. Maybe your font setting is loading the font as well, also did you try hard refresh to clear your cache. If this is done then you need to let me know once the child theme is loaded and then I can check it for the issue.

    For gray image on the footer logo. I have updated the child theme with CSS. It’s the same URL



    I’m sorry, Sakin,

    I left the parent theme on after last messaging you in this forum. I’m going to switch it back to the child theme now, so that you’re able to check.

    I’m also not able to download the zip file you sent because it states that it was deleted from the dropbox?

    Warm regards.


    Theme Author

    Ok here is the link to the updated child theme


    Hi Sakin,

    I updated to the new child theme, cleared the cache and put the fonts to default.

    Unfortunately, the default, EB Garamond font was still not applying to the post headers, the “Detailed Info” footer widget, the footer widget menu, as well as the search results and category headers.

    For example, here is a screenshot of the unfixed post headers, compared to what they’re supposed to look like:

    Unfixed post headers vs. matching post headers.

    Would you also be able to turn the color of the Catch Themes logo at the bottom from only gray to white and dark gray in order to match the overall background?

    Thanks you in advance and, as always, for your time and help.


    Theme Author

    I check your screenshot and both screenshots are using the EB Garamond font. The only difference I found is that 1 has italic style and bold font and the order has normal font style. So, try adding the following CSS in “Custom CSS“:

    .archive-post-wrap .entry-title {
    	font-style: normal;
    	font-weight: 400;
    .footer-widget-area a {
    	font-weight: 400;
    .section .section-title, .more-link, .portfolio-wrapper .entry-meta, .featured-content-wrapper .entry-meta, .first-post .entry-meta, .archive-post-wrap .entry-meta, .singular-content-wrap .entry-header .entry-meta, .footer-meta-area .categories-label, .footer-meta-area .tags-label, .footer-meta-area .meta-nav, .footer-meta-area .author-link, .footer-meta-area .edit-link a, .page-links, .widget-area .widget-title, .comment-reply-title, .site-info {
        text-transform: none;
        letter-spacing: normal;

    Thank you, Sakin!

    With the Catch Themes logo at the footer of each page, it blurs when the page zooms in, so do you have a vector image of the logo that doesn’t blur when the page zooms in?

    Also, would you be able to make it highlight when hovering the cursor over it and clicking it?

    Thanks again.


    Theme Author

    Thanks, again, Sakin, for all your help!


    Theme Author

    Welcome and have a nice day.

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