Fixed With Featured Section on Front Page and Some Other Stuff

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    I just bought the Journalistic theme for a new web page I’m putting up, but I can’t quite make it work for what I want to do, and I’m hoping some CSS stuff could make it work out.

    1) Most important is that the variable width of the left featured content section on the front page (based on browser window dimension) is messing up what I’m hoping to do. Is there a CSS override I can use to fix the width of this?

    2) Can I use CSS to override the featured image on blog posts. This is something else that is causing problems (based on what I want to do with the featured section above).

    3) In the Front Page Settings of the theme options, it looks like in the demo you can add images, etc. Is it possible to add html to add images and links from those images?

    Essentially, what I want to do is use featured content section to show off my book covers, but can’t make it work with variable widths.

    Thanks in advance for your help – I love the template and hope it can work for me.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Looks like this question slipped through the cracks, sorry about that. Looks like you’re using a different theme now — if you have any questions about Pena feel free to ask here:

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