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    I was looking for a way to edit the text on the Continue Reading button and found out about the opportunity to help translate the theme. My blog is mainly in Finnish, so I went ahead and added Finnish translations to the last strings that were untranslated. This should bring the percentage to 92 %.

    Is there something I need to do to inform the validators about this? If the translations are approved, how soon could I expect to have the Finnish version in use?



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    Hi there Lotta,

    Thanks for your contribution! Translations are managed by staff so your questions are not those I could answer with authority.

    Since they are a globally distributed company, they likely already have someone fluent in Finnish on staff who can approve the translation.

    To address your specific questions, I would guess that:

    1) No, they have likely already been informed by an automated process, although I suppose you’d be welcome to ping them in addition to that.

    2) Probably within a day or so after approval. Possibly more-or-less instantly.

    I couldn’t say for sure though because translation management is outside the scope of my abilities as a theme author and I’m not quite sure how their internal processes work in this regard.

    For further inquiry, I would reach out to support directly. Here’s a guide on communicating with Live Chat support, for example:

    Hope this helps point you in the right direction and thank you again for contributing this translation!

    Best regards,

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