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    I just discovered this forum, so I thought I’d leave some feedback on Oxford, which is a beautiful theme. I unfortunately have gone away from using it, and here are a few tweaks that might improve its appeal:

    *the columns – a feature which I *love* – become unwieldy beyond a certain length of article. If it’s a long article, when the reader finally reaches the bottom, they have to scroll all the way back up to the top to keep reading. This could be tweaked by breaking long articles into 2-column pages, or providing the option to turn off columns for certain articles.
    *paragraph indents become unwieldy when you want to do a block quote or other line that would not be indented. An easy way to turn off indents would be handy.
    *the end of article symbol can be more handy.

    Those are the big ones I remember, though there may have been a few other little things. I was having to edit the actual HTML of my articles to overcome these issues, and that just got too laborious to continue. Hence, I went away. But the overall look of Oxford is too good to forget. I hope a few tweaks to improve usability will make it a truly stellar theme. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is:

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