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    Hi! I’m new on wordpress, and I have some troubles with my new Duet theme. I want the featured slider to appear just like it does on the Duet demo page. In other words, I want the featured slider on my homepage, but I don’t want the images showing up over each blog post. I read something about creating a page, but how can I link this up to a picture in the feature slider? I want to click on the picture in the feature slider and then get to the article without the picture showing up. I only want the picture to show up in the feature slider. What do I do?? Please help me! I’ve tried for like 6 hours :( Mari

    The blog I need help with is clownsnheroes.wordpress.com.


    Hi Mari!

    If you navigate to Appearance → Theme Options, there is a section called “Post display”. Within that section, the first option is “Show featured image”, which will make the featured images appear at the top of the blog posts in addition to in the slider. If you uncheck that box, you should be able to get your site to behave like the demo.



    Thank you so much! It finally worked :-)

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