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    I’d need some help with a few quick questions please.

    1. In the content area in the homepage I can see I can decide the order of displaying the featured pages (Page one, two,…). However, how can I say I want one page to display under the posts category I am displaying?

    2. Currently it seems I can “only” feature 3 pages… How can I set more?

    3. I’d need to change the color of the title of some of the featured pages, because the background makes it difficult to read white. Is there a way to do it without editing the CSS?

    Many thanks in advance!!

    The blog I need help with is: sonneggzhdotch.wordpress.com




    Let’s review:

    1) It’s not possible to change the order of display within the pages. The pages will all display above the featured post section. To change this would require editing the template which is not possible on WP.com.

    2) It’s not possible to add more than 3 featured pages for the same reason listed above.

    3) It’s only possible to target the specific titles to change the colors through CSS. Otherwise, you would change the color for all of them in the color options.

    Thank you!


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