Featured images won't display on pages

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    Featured images won’t display on pages in Scrollider Express theme.
    The “About” page, for example, has Featured Image functionality available from the edit interface. It will allow me to set a featured image, however, when I view the blog, no image is visible.

    The blog I need help with is jeremypodolski.com.


    WordPress.com support even states about featured images:
    Scrollider Express
    565 x 180 on single posts and pages as well as for sticky posts in the blog.


    Hey Jeremy,

    I don’t believe featured images will show on the single page template.

    It’s possibly the documentation is incorrect and I’m double checking with the theme developer.

    For now you can insert images into the content of your page like you normally would.

    Thank you,


    Hi Scott,

    Thank you for responding and for looking into my question further. Please understand that it is both frustrating and upsetting to hear that documentation may be inaccurate for a premium product that costs money to purchase. We need to be able to rely on that information and trust it prior to purchase because it will determine whether the product is the right fit for what we need.

    I know that you didn’t create that problem – I just wanted to explain where I’m coming from. I remain hopeful that the featured image feature will work from single pages, especially since the dashboard functionality is already present.

    I look forward to your reply after you hear from the developer. Thank you again.



    Just to provide some additional evidence…

    This screen capture shows my dashboard PAGE edit screen with option to add a featured image to the page (and I have set a featured image at the exact pixel size required:

    This screen capture shows how no featured image is displayed:

    And following this link shows where my paid premium theme is advertised as having this functionality:

    I hope this can be resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. I doubt I will be the only one having this problem.

    Thank you,


    oops – added a screen shot for the wrong dashboard page. Here is the one for my about page, but the problem is the same:


    Hey Jeremy,

    Appreciate the additional info as it was very helpful.

    It looks as this is indeed a bug and we are looking into the issue and hope to have a fix for this as soon as possible.

    Again, appreciate your patience regarding this issue and we’ll make sure to let you know once this has been fixed.

    Kind Regards,


    Scott – Thank you for working on a fix. I really appreciate it. I think this theme is the best looking one on WP, so I was really looking forward to using it. This would really be great.

    Keep me posted – thanks!


    Any updates at this time?


    Thanks to the Scrollider Express team! This feature now functions properly.

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