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    I’ve made a page “portfolio” on which I want to show some projectstags
    I get the projects but not the featured images that I wanted
    How can I show them?
    The code I used on the page:[portfolio display_types=false display_tags=false include_tag=I-0100-0199 columns=4 showposts=120 orderby=date]
    Do I need to add something?

    The blog I need help with is mystampsbelgie.wordpress.com.


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    Hi – I don’t know for sure but my guess is that you need to add featured images. The theme guesses thumbnails if there’s no featured image – but I don’t know if the shortcode does (and I imagine not).

    There’s info on adding featured images here:


    Hi, I’ve added featured images to some of the projects and now it shows but it’s not just quite what I wanted; I’d like to use the ‘on mouse over’ effect: so you only get to see the featured image or thumbnail but not the text of the project, only when you drag the mouse over it you see the text and when you click it you are transferred to the actual project.
    Can you help me with some shortcode for that?


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    Hi there – I’m afraid the shortcodes don’t support that. The shortcodes are generic things designed to work the same for all wordpress.com themes.

    From what you are saying – you would like to have a page that displays projects in the same way as the blog posts are displayed on the homepage?

    When you setup projects there is an archive page setup automatically that you can see here:

    https://mystampsbelgie.wordpress.com/portfolio/ – however that can’t be filtered in the way that it looks like you’re filtering the projects currently.


    “From what you are saying – you would like to have a page that displays projects in the same way as the blog posts are displayed on the homepage?” => yes
    I’ve tried to create that on this page https://mystampsbelgie.wordpress.com/home/p/
    but it didn’t work
    Final question: on that page i’ve finally managed to get the featured images on them, but I just want to see the images not the rest of the content. I want to keep the links to the projects of course.
    Is there a way to do this ? Hide content or text in the shortcode, change height? Any ideas,


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    I could give you some css to hide the text but if there’s no featured image then the entry will be hidden.

    Unfortunately since the portfolio shortcode functionality is not part of the theme the design is generic so that it works in all themes – and so doesn’t match the layout used on the rest of the site.


    That’s OK, I’ll give it a try

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