Featured images on individual posts?

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    Hi there. Very nice theme, I particularly like the fonts.

    My question is this… when setting a featured image for a post, is it not possible to have that featured image automatically displayed in each individual post? Having to insert and image into the body of the post to have an image every time is a bit inconvenient.

    Since almost all other themes have this as an automatic feature, I’m hoping there’s a way to have this set.

    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is themandateblog.wordpress.com.


    Theme Author

    Hi Mike,

    First of all, thanks for the kind words about our theme. Your site looks great. :)

    I understand that many other themes will automatically display a Featured Image in the single post view, but for this particular design, I felt it would be best to leave it up to the user.

    For example, the Featured Image could display above the post headline, but many users may not like having the rest of the post content pushed “below the fold.”

    The user may also want to use a different photo within their post content for added variety. Or have it displayed in a different place. Or not at all.

    Basically, there’s no definitively agreeable way to handle it, so I figured letting the user choose where to place their photos within the post content would keep things more flexible for all WordPress.com users.

    I’m very sorry about the inconvenience, and I hope you understand my explanation.


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