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    Hello there,

    I just switched to this theme and now my featured images on all of my portfolio pages/projects are not being displayed any longer. Do I need to change a specific setting or are these not featured within the melody theme? Featured Images do work with my general blog posts, though.

    Many thanks in advance :)

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Theme Author

    Hi there,

    Were you able to figure this out? I’m seeing your featured images in the portfolio.

    Just in case, featured images in the portfolio will display automatically. So if you’re not seeing them that’s not normal and we’ll need figure out why.

    Let me know!


    Original poster

    Hi Sonia,

    thanks for your quick response.

    Unfortunately I have not figured it out yet.
    Maybe I didn’t describe my issue the right way. The featured images are appearing on the home page, but once I open one of the projects, the featured image is not shown (with my previous theme, the featured image was shown right above the title on each project page, just as with any other blog posts right now).

    Thank you :)

    Theme Author

    Thanks for clarifying, Katja!

    You are correct, the single Portfolio post doesn’t display the Featured Posts. The idea behind this was that often people want to display a gallery of images in the body of the post and don’t want the image repeating at the top. Hope that makes sense!

    Original poster

    I understand, thanks for the explanation. :)

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