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    I switched from the Franklin theme to Puzzle and have a question about featured images, which I use in my posts. I understand that featured images do not show on the posts as they did with Franklin, and I can live with that. However what is much more severe is that featured images do not show on links to the posts that I paste into facebook. This is a regression compared to the Franklin theme. I used the facebook sharing debugger and it does not bring up the featured image, just the text. My blog is https://musicaficionado.blog/. An example post: https://musicaficionado.blog/2017/05/03/listening-wind-by-talking-heads/

    The blog I need help with is musicaficionado.blog.


    Theme Author

    Hi there – sorry to hear you are having problems with the theme. The social sharing elements are part of wordpress.com rather than the theme so I am surprised it is behaving differently when you switch themes.

    I shall ask the wordpress.com team to take a look at this – they should reply shortly.



    When I share the above post in Facebook, the featured image comes up, as you can see here:


    If you’re ever missing an image when sharing a post in Facebook, try running the post’s link through their debugging tool. They will tell you if there’s a problem with the image.


    If the tool doesn’t show your image yet, often hitting the “Scrape again” button at that point clear’s Facebook’s sharing thumbnail cache so the image will appear.



    Thank you. I am using the facebook sharing debugger, but following your suggestion I tried the scrape again option and that worked.
    One last question – when posting just the blogs’s address on facebook, what image gets picked up? I currently have no header image, logo or icon setup on the blog, but was wondering which one will actually show when linking to the blog. Thank you again for resolving the original issue.



    As a general sharing thumbnail image for musicaficionado.blog, Facebook should pick up the site icon, which you can add in the Customizer’s Site Identity panel:


    (You can also add it from My Site → Settings, in the General tab.)

    Make sure you upload an image that’s at least 512px square. The icon will also be used as your site’s “favicon,” which is a small graphic that appears in browser tabs.

    You can learn more about setting up a site icon here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/site-icons/

    Let me know how it goes.

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