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    Hi, Can you advise what the best size is for featured images?

    I’m using the portfolio functionality and have set my home page to show 2 columns.

    All the images I have tried, look blurry?



    The blog I need help with is missdigitalblog.wordpress.com.


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    With the different column sizes and thumbnail layouts available, it’s a bit tough to nail down a best size. For the most part, uploading images that are 1100px wide will fit all areas of the theme, including the portfolio grid, without looking blurry.

    I’m not able to access you site, so it’s a bit hard to trouble shoot. Do happen to know the dimensions of the images your using as Portfolio feature images?


    Hi Luke,

    I have set the images to 1100px X 825px, they are still a bit blurry but if that’s the best I can get them, then that’s fine.

    I’ve noticed 2 more issues:

    1 – I’ve added a gallery and added some captions to the images. On hover the caption is not readable because both the background and text is black.

    2 – I’ve also tried publishing portfolio projects and assigning ‘Project Types’ and ‘Project Tags’, but on my homepage where I have set my portfolio projects to appear, the types/tags do not.

    My site is private because I’m featuring confidential web projects, but I can invite you to it. Let me know what your email is and I’ll send an invite if that’s ok?

    Many thanks



    Theme Author

    Thanks for the notice about the gallery captions. I’ve made a fix and should be available shortly.

    As for the portfolio terms on the front page not showing, make sure your portfolio item is assigned to a Portfolio Type. The front page will display the Portfolio Type below the title; it won’t show the Portfolio Tag. It doesn’t look like the single portfolio page shows either a Portfolio Type or Tag, so it may be that those haven’t been assigned?


    Hi Luke, thanks for the quick reply!

    The portfolio types have just appeared! Not sure what happened… I just created a new blank project and published it. I refreshed the page and now they are there.

    Brilliant! Thanks for all your help and for creating a great theme!


    Theme Author

    Great, glad to hear things are working now. Thanks for the kind words, too!

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