Featured Image of Blog Page showing only while customizing

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    Hi there!

    I have created a page to the Blog posts called “Projetcs” and I enabled the display of the featured images in this page.
    When I visualize the blog page (Projects) at the Customize section (https://wordpress.com/customize/ipsislitterisca.wordpress.com), the featured images show up fine with the posts excerpts. The problem is when I choose to preview the site in it’s url (https://ipsislitterisca.wordpress.com/projects/), the featured images simply disappear from the blog page.

    Could you help me, please?

    The blog I need help with is ipsislitterisca.wordpress.com.


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    Can you please check the Customize > Content Options to see if you hide the featured image on blog posts?


    Yes, I’ve already checked it and the featured image is not hidden for blog posts.

    Here’s how my Customize > Content Options looks like:

    Choose between a full post or an excerpt for the blog and archive pages.
    Full post
    x Post excerpt (Checked)

    Post Details:
    Display date
    Display categories
    Display tags
    Display author
    Display comment link

    Featured Images:
    x Display on blog and archives (Checked)
    x Display on single posts (Checked)
    x Display on pages (Checked)

    Tha’s why I don’t understand what’s happening…


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    I think I got it.

    Did you set the page “Projects” as the Posts page? E.g. In the Customizer > Homepage Settings, you have something like this:


    If so, that page is treated as an archive page, and thus, it inherits the header image set in the Customizer > Header Image. The featured image of that page won’t be used.


    Yes, i set the page Projects as the Blog Posts page. Actually it’s the Blog Page that I simply renamed using wp-admin. I’ve already renamed it to Blog again, but the problem persists.

    What’s is happening is that when I visualize that page using the preview of Customizer, the featured images are visible, as they should:


    But when I click on the preview of the Blog Page


    The featured images disappear:


    I would like to know if that’s a bug of the blog preview or if this images won’t be seen when I publish the site.

    Thanks again!


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    I got it. I think when in the Customizer, WordPress hasn’t send the options to the theme yet, thus, making the theme still think the Blog page as a normal page.

    Anyway, for the Blog page, the featured image is not used in the header area. It uses the header image set in the Customizer.

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