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    Is there a way to control the maximum size of the featured image for pages? I want to make my featured image just a bit bigger next to the page text, but changing the actual image’s size isn’t making a difference. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Hmmm…there shouldn’t be a problem with changing the image size. Is the original image bigger than the size shown on the page?

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    Yes, I tried making it a few different sizes to see what would happen. It just gets confined to a box – I’m not sure if there’s a CSS override I can use to change the height and width of the container the image goes in, if that makes sense? I did try changing the percentage values for .entry-page-image and .entry-page.thumbnail but didn’t have any luck.


    Hi again!

    I reviewed this issue again and it looks like the image will always be cropped to 600×450. If your image is smaller than those dimensions, the image will be displayed using its original dimensions. My guess is that the problem you are having is due to the height of the image.

    My recommendation would be to crop the image to a size that you would like it to be, making sure that it is not wider than 600 pixels or taller than 450 pixels.

    I hope that will allow you the flexibility you need to add this image.

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