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    The info site says the featured image width should be a minimum of 900px but I’m having issues displaying featured images on my blog.

    It gives me an error message on top of each post when I visit my site:
    “Admin: The featured image for this post is not wide enough.
    Learn more.”

    I’ve tried to delete the featured images and I still get the error message when I visit the site.

    So, I’d like to know the ideal dimension for the featured images for this Oxford theme please?

    Also, just wondering, the width is the horizontal bit of the image if it’s in landscape orientation, correct?

    Thanks :)

    The blog I need help with is ipshita.co.



    When I say ideal dimension, it’d be helpful to get both width AND height, please. Thanks


    Theme Author

    Hey there, Ipshita 👋

    Good question! Images are displayed in landscape, typically. So any image above 900px wide should work. The image on our demo website is 1024 x 682 pixels.

    Give that a go and let us know how it works for you :)




    Thanks for your response! :D

    Unfortunately, the issue still persists.. So I made an InDesign doc landscape orientation 1050 x 690 pixels (to make sure I’ve a little extra room just in case) and exported the doc as PNG files and when I upload them as featured photo for my posts, they still don’t show up on my blog.

    Is there something that I’m missing?

    Please let me know, thanks again!


    Theme Author

    Ah! I think I see the issue now, Ipshita.

    It looks like the image is right, but you actually need to set up a Homepage template for that image to display like our demo. See the section called ‘Setting up the Homepage’.

    Fingers crossed that sorts this out! Let us know 😀



    Thanks Scott. :)

    I had a read and I don’t intend to set a featured post at the top of the my website.

    I’d like to have my posts display in a sort of a grid system (as per the screenshot of my website now)

    And as you can see, even though I have the featured images uploaded for each of my 4 blog posts so far, all of them come up with an error message in red at the top of each of those 4 posts.

    So, I don’t know what’s the issue. This is a bit frustrating now because I have really tried all I could. Having made around 8 to 10 versions of InDesign docs and then exporting as PNGs again and again. :(


    Theme Author

    Hmm. That’s really strange, Ipshita.

    Just to rule out a few things, would you mind trying a few different test images? Maybe try coping something from the internet for this. Try a different file size and please try .jpg file format.

    Let us know how that goes! If that still doesn’t work, I’ll loop the WordPress staff into this conversation and see if that can help out — maybe they need to reset something on their end.



    Hey Scott,

    I really appreciate your help and patience.. Think it might have been a bug or some glitch.. But I’ve republished all the 4 posts that were having the issue and it seems fine as you’ll be able to see if you visit my site.

    So, this time what I did was.. I made a new InDesign doc landscape in the exact dimensions you provided earlier (like EXACT EXACT 1024 x 682 px instead of adding extra pixels for extra room and all that) and it seems it worked.

    So yes, I’m happy with how my site looks now. Love Futura PT so much. Looks so clean.

    Again, thank you so much Scott. You’ve been really helpful :D




    Oh and I still exported them as PNGs to retain the quality of the image as JPEG sometimes compromises a few pixels and overall image quality.. So yeah, all good now. Hmph! HAHA, but I learned quite a few tricks as well. :)

    Have a good weekend!


    Theme Author

    Yay 👏So glad to hear we finally got that sorted, Ipshita!

    I’m going to close this topic now. If you have any more questions at all — let us know.

    Have a good week!

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