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    OK, I just switched my page over to this theme tonight, but I’m now unsure it’s fitting for my needs. My issues are:

    – I know how to add a featured image, but when you go to the individual blog post the same image appears twice and that is definitely not going to work for my site, but I do not want only big dots with cameras on them to appear on my homepage. Is there a way to have a featured image NOT appear on the individual post?

    – My ABOUT page (with my short bio) has disappeared, it worked int he other themes I used, hmmmmm.

    The blog I need help with is toneshift.net.


    Theme Author

    Hi there,

    I’m assuming you switched away from the Bari theme between the time you posted this and the time I am responding?

    Anyway, here are my responses to your questions if you would like to switch back, or for anyone else interested in the same answers:

    – You can disable featured images on single posts with Content Options. Also, you might want to consider disabling “More Content” on single post pages by setting that option to 0. Both of these features is covered in the documentation.

    – Not sure what to tell you about your about page disappearing without more information. Did the page stop working or did it disappear only from your menu (but still accessible at /about/)?


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