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    I’m not sure what i’m Doing wrong, but I’m trying to get all of my images in my featured slider to be the same size. Currently, two of them are much larger even after I’ve tried to change them. Is it possible to make them all the same size and what is the recommendation for future posts?

    The blog I need help with is mahoganyrosegirl.com.


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    Hello there!

    The problem here is that images might be smaller than needed and get stretched out to fit, that’s why they appear bigger than the rest. For posts that will appear on the slider try using featured images that are at least 1010 wide by 545 tall and they will look fine. Other featured images need to be at least 720px wide with no particular height required.


    Okay thanks!! I will try to adjust to see if that helps..

    Part two- there is a post on my page that the title is broken up on several lines. How do I fix that? It’s really bothering me lol


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    It appears that you have added some custom CSS to restrict the article’s header to 200px width. This is what is causing your titles to break on multiple lines. Allowing the header to be a little wider will either alleviate or even remove the issue entirely.

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