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    Hi there,

    Ive just purchased the Bromley theme and am playing around with it to learn the different options. I have two questions so far:

    1/ Ive created a feature header and it appears at the top of my homepage. It also appears on different pages Ive created. Is there any way to undo this? I just want the featured content to be displayed on the homepage and not the rest… Is this possible?

    2/ Ive created a page for one of my categories that shows up on the menu. In doing so I thought it would then automatically display all the posts with a tag corresponding to that category (as it does when you click on the category from the widget section on the right).. this isnt the case.. Is this possible?

    Thanks very much!

    My site (still very very very much under construction!) : http://www.eighteen-seventyfive.com



    Situation update : Ive managed to answer my second question but still searching for clues on the first :

    How can I have the featured content header only appear on my homepage and not automatically on all pages?



    Theme Author

    Hi – great that you solved question 2

    For question 1 – the theme is setup to display the featured content on all single content pages and not just the homepage.



    That explains everything, I guess the mystery is solved then. Thanks for your help nonetheless!

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