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    I have set featured content on home page via category
    But I want to set featured content on other pages via categories.
    eg I want to create a page in gallery format of another category to the category featured on home page.
    Can I do this? How?
    Thanks very much for your assistance

    The blog I need help with is makinghistoryoz.wordpress.com.



    Enabling Category Pages will allow you to fill content on a page with any given category:

    Since Category Pages are actually setup through the posts themselves you can still use the gallery function on your theme with them:


    Thanks very much for that.
    I can set up a category page, but it only appears with a feed of blog posts from a given category. I want it to appear in gallery format of posts from given category (as I thought debut theme allowed)
    If I set it up via a standard page, it can be gallery format, but I can’t control category
    Is there a way of doing what I want? eg Category page with feed of posts in gallery format?
    Thanks very much



    I see what you mean. I’ve be working on setting this up on my demo site for some time now and I cannot get the feature to work.

    What I can do:

    • Set a Featured Image on a post
    • Set the post format setting to Image
    • Categorize the post and have it show up under the appropriate section
    • Have the image display within the post with a boarder as shown in the demo

    What I cannot do is have the image show up on the category page as a thumbnail such as here. I feel like I must be missing something. I think what you’re trying to do is possible but we’re probably going to need some help from the staff to crack this code. I’ve tagged this thread with modlook to call the issue to their attention.



    @communityhistoryoz I spent a little more time looking into this and it looks like our issue is the Category element of the page.

    I can setup this gallery just as you have here, but the feature does not work with a category page. I assume this is how they are configured.

    I will leave the modlook tag on the thread for staff to further confirm my suspicion and provide any possible alternative solution.


    Hi Thanks again for all your efforts to come up with a solution.
    I’m wondering if it’s possible to modify standard configeration with some coding???
    Thanks again


    Theme Author

    @xpurichan Thanks for the help and troubleshooting!

    @communityhistoryoz If I understand you correctly, you are wanting a Category archive to display posts in the same grid format shown on your homepage. Unfortunately, if this is the desired functionality, this is not possible with Post archives.

    To do this, the theme would have to integrate custom settings and archive page templates for this type of display. You may be able to get crafty with some custom CSS to do this but it would take a bit of work.

    Let me know if you have any questions on this.


    Hi Luke
    yes, you’ve understood me correctly. Thanks for clarifying re functionality of category archives/post archives
    Any hints on where to start with custom CSS??? (so category archive could display posts in grid format)
    Or how much work it might be?
    Or anyone who might be available to do work?
    Debut’s a great theme, and would be even more awesome with this functionality


    Theme Author

    It would take a good amount of work and trickery to get this to display as desired using CSS. This isn’t something we can do via support, unfortunately.

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