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    is it possible to show the pictures in the featured content slider in the original colours? I really love the theme and the huge pictures displayed in the slider – but I struggle with the “foggy” colour they have (if you understand what I mean). They are not shown in their clear colours, all are slightly grey. I understand that this is on purpose and perhaps it is the best way to show the images here – but I would love to try it with the original pictures with their real colours. Would this be possible?

    Thanks in advance for a response (and for creating this beautiful theme!)

    The blog I need help with is greattoeatyou.com.


    I just asked the same question. Hope this helps

    The Veni theme does add an overlay to the featured image, so that the white text will be easier to read.
    However, this can be removed with some CSS. The trick is finding the right CSS selectors, but I’ve written up the first CSS for you.

    You can copy-paste this code into the box in My Site > Customize > CSS.

    /* featured image opacity */
    .fullwidth-slider .featured-slider .featured-image {
    opacity: 1;

    Opacity can be between 0 and 1 – 0 is completely black, and 1 is fully light – the picture with no overlay.


    Thank you so much – I already changed it! :-)

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