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    Is there any way to keep the featured content images the same size, I am having a problem with dimensions which I cannot keep consistent no matter what I do (including using images of the same pixel height and width).

    The featured content window appears to be a different size ie when scrolling through the carousel, the image size dimensions change giving the impression that the window is just a picture with an overlay, instead of a self contained box ?

    Any way to fix ?

    Many thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is nintendofan.net.


    Theme Author

    Hi there,

    The featured content images use a styling that will stretch them to fit the container, which is often a variable size. Because the title and text in the featured content area changes from post to post, the height of the container changes. This will produce a larger area to fill for some posts, and that’s why the crop will not be consistent across the board.

    The styling we are using is the best method for making sure your photos cover the featured content area and stays centered horizontally and vertically.



    This is not correct,

    if you set the width of the text box to its widest setting then often all text will be on two lines regardless of title length. Excerpt is set to 35 so is consistent. the featured box still handles scaling incorrectly on two identical images 1920x 1080.

    If this is the most efficient way to manage it then how does literally every other post slider manage to do it correctly.

    I like the theme overall very much, but it seems as if the featured slider is poorly implemented.

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