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    For some reason, I am following the instructions to add featured content to the homepage. It has taken away the Recent Posts category and now my homepage is simply left with one featured post… how can I fix this? BTW the Recent Posts category is still shown on the example webpage when they added the featured posts step by step.

    My website is ameliaeasley.com.

    The blog I need help with is ameliaeasley.com.


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    Hi there,

    I visited your site a couple minutes ago and noticed what you were describing: one featured post with no recent posts on the homepage.

    I just visited the homepage again and now I see the recent posts below the featured content, as it should be.

    Did you do anything to resolve this, or did it resolve on its own? Or are you still experiencing the issue?

    Very curious to hear your response as to be honest, I was a bit stumped when I first visited your site and saw all the recent posts not displaying, even though I could see there were plenty of recent posts on your site that should have been displaying.


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