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    How can I set my latest articles to be the featured ones? Now I tag an article and it pops up as a featured one in the top of my website. but when adding another article and tagging it it doesn’t show up. I remove the tag from the previous article and when I’m lucky the new article comes up as a featured one (after some time). Is it possible to just have the latest written article as a featured one and move the other ones? something chronologic?

    many thanks!

    The blog I need help with is gypsysoul.be.


    And How Many articles stay on the homepage? If i continue to publish them it will get too messy. Is there an option that I only leave the highlighted article together with the Latest 3 (Or 6) Posts and that the older ones dissapear and only are viewable from the menu (categorie) at the top of the homepage?

    Many Thanks!


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    Hi there,

    You can find the instructions for setting up Featured Posts here:

    Your posts will show up in chronological order, so if you are tagging all of your posts the last four will be the ones to appear.

    Keep in mind that if you’ve left the box that says “Display tag content in all listings.” unticked, your older posts will not appear in your regular blog feed.

    Hope that helps.


    ok that helps. And how can I manage the amount of posts on the homepage? so not featured content but the standard posts?


    Theme Author

    Hi again,

    You can set that under Setting > Reading in your dashboard. Here are some detailed instructions:


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